Algorand Bounty Matching Program

The Algorand Foundation has partnered with Immunefi to offer a bug bounty matching program for approved Algorand projects that host a bounty with Immunefi.

For each approved project in the list below, Algorand will provide a matching payment equal to 100% of all critical and high rewards paid out to whitehats.

If a critical payout from an approved project amounts to $100k, then the whitehat will receive an additional $100k from Algorand, making the whitehat’s total payout $200k.

Projects are approved by Algorand based on a set criteria and are then added to this list. If a project built on Algorand has a bug bounty with Immunefi, but is not on the approved list, payouts from that project are not eligible for matching payments.

The more funds available for security researchers who disclose vulnerabilities, the more likely it is that they will disclose them. We believe that this matching program will result in a safer Algorand ecosystem for all.

With this matching program, the Algorand Foundation is demonstrating its commitment to security and responsibility.

Immunefi is the leading bug bounty platform for Algorand projects and has saved billions in user funds.

Approved Projects

Folks Finance

Coming Soon

Pera WalletTinyMan

Algorand Inc Bounty