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16 September 2021
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08 March 2023
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Program Overview

Launched in 2017, Ether Rock was one of the first crypto collectible NFT-type projects on the Ethereum blockchain. As the smart contract didn’t follow any kind of standard like ERC721 and therefore can’t be traded on popular NFT trading platforms like OpenSea, a wrapper contract was written that would allow rock owners to “wrap” their rock and turn it into a valid ERC721 token by sending it to the wrapper contract. Upon wrapping a rock, owners can also “unwrap” their rock which makes the wrapper contract send the rock back to its rightful owner and burn the ERC721 token.

For more information about Ether Rock, please visit https://Ether A wrapper interface (still being tested) has been written at https://Ether As that page explains, wrapping a rock involves 3 steps: making sure the wrapper contract has the correct owner listed for a given rock ID, sending a rock to the wrapper contract, and finally wrapping the rock.

This bug bounty program is focused on the wrapper smart contract only (not the wrapper interface or the original Ether Rock contract) and is focused on preventing the following impacts:

  • Unable to wrap a rock after sending it to the wrapper contract
  • Unable to unwrap a rock
  • Stealing someone else’s rock within the wrapper contract

Rewards by Threat Level

Rewards are distributed according to the impact of the vulnerability based on the Immunefi Vulnerability Severity Classification System. This is a simplified 5-level scale, with separate scales for websites/apps and smart contracts/blockchains, encompassing everything from consequence of exploitation to privilege required to likelihood of a successful exploit.

Impacts stated in the Impacts in Scope section qualify for the Critical reward.

Payouts are handled by the Ether Rocks team directly and are denominated in ETH with a flat reward amount. The USD estimate is only provided as a guide.

Smart Contract

USD $52,000

Assets in scope

Impacts in scope

Only the following impacts are accepted within this bug bounty program. All other impacts are not considered as in-scope, even if they affect something in the assets in scope table.

Smart Contract

  • Unable to wrap a rock after sending it to the wrapper contract
  • Unable to unwrap a rock
  • Stealing someone else’s rock within the wrapper contract

Out of Scope & Rules

The following vulnerabilities are excluded from the rewards for this bug bounty program:

  • If a rock owner sends their rock to the wrapper contract before making sure the wrapper contract has them listed as the rock owner, and without updating the wrapper contract for their rock ID
  • Attacks that the reporter has already exploited themselves, leading to damage
  • Attacks requiring access to leaked keys/credentials
  • Attacks requiring access to privileged addresses (governance, strategist)

Smart Contracts and Blockchain

  • Incorrect data supplied by third party oracles
  • Basic economic governance attacks (e.g. 51% attack)
  • Best practice critiques
  • Sybil attacks

The following activities are prohibited by this bug bounty program:

  • Any testing with mainnet or public testnet contracts; all testing should be done on private testnets
  • Any testing with pricing oracles or third party smart contracts
  • Attempting phishing or other social engineering attacks against our employees and/or customers
  • Any testing with third-party systems and applications (e.g., browser extensions) as well as websites (e.g., SSO providers, advertising networks)
  • Any denial of service attacks
  • Automated testing of services that generates significant amounts of traffic
  • Public disclosure of an unpatched vulnerability in an embargoed bounty