22 March 2022
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Program Overview

NASDEX is a decentralized exchange that offers users the ability to trade tokenized equities on blockchain via their minting and trading mechanism that mimics the offchain economics of the real world equity price. A user-friendly platform where investors could buy and sell tokenized equity as easily as crypto with 24/7 trading, fractionalized share buying, and yield farming.

For more information about NASDEX, please visit https://www.nasdex.xyz/.

This bug bounty program is focused on their smart contracts and is focused on preventing:

  • Thefts and freezing of principal of any amount
  • Thefts and freezing of unclaimed yield of any amount
  • Theft of governance funds
  • Oracle price attack

Rewards by Threat Level

Rewards are distributed according to the impact of the vulnerability based on the Immunefi Vulnerability Severity Classification System V2. This is a simplified 5-level scale, with separate scales for smart contracts, and blockchains/DLTs, focusing on the impact of the vulnerability reported.

All smart contract bug reports must come with a PoC with an end-effect impacting an asset-in-scope in order to be considered for a reward. Explanations and statements are not accepted as PoC and code is required. Critical bug reports must also come with a suggestion for a fix in order to be considered for a reward.

Payouts are handled by the NASDEX team directly and are denominated in USD. However, payouts are done in USDT.

Smart Contract

USD $15,000
PoC Required
USD $5,000
PoC Required

Assets in scope

All smart contracts of NASDEX can be found at https://github.com/NasDex/. However, only those in the Assets in Scope table are considered as in-scope of the bug bounty program.

Impacts in scope

Only the following impacts are accepted within this bug bounty program. All other impacts are not considered as in-scope, even if they affect something in the assets in scope table.

Smart Contract

  • Thefts and permanent freezing of principal of any amount
  • Theft of governance funds
  • Oracle price attacks
  • Thefts and permanent freezing of unclaimed yield of any amount

Out of Scope & Rules

The following vulnerabilities are excluded from the rewards for this bug bounty program:

  • Attacks that the reporter has already exploited themselves, leading to damage
  • Attacks requiring access to leaked keys/credentials
  • Attacks requiring access to privileged addresses (governance, strategist)

Smart Contracts and Blockchain

  • Incorrect data supplied by third party oracles
    • Not to exclude oracle manipulation/flash loan attacks
  • Basic economic governance attacks (e.g. 51% attack)
  • Lack of liquidity
  • Best practice critiques
  • Sybil attacks
  • Centralization risks

The following activities are prohibited by this bug bounty program:

  • Any testing with mainnet or public testnet contracts; all testing should be done on private testnets
  • Any testing with pricing oracles or third party smart contracts
  • Attempting phishing or other social engineering attacks against our employees and/or customers
  • Any testing with third party systems and applications (e.g. browser extensions) as well as websites (e.g. SSO providers, advertising networks)
  • Any denial of service attacks
  • Automated testing of services that generates significant amounts of traffic
  • Public disclosure of an unpatched vulnerability in an embargoed bounty