Priority One Bounty Program

The Priority ONE is a joint $10 million bug bounty program designed to bolster the security of the BNB Chain Ecosystem. Through this program, eligible projects building on BNB can receive matching payments for paid bounties that attract more security experts to bulletproof their products. Read below to see if your project is eligible and sign up.


BNB Accelerator Funds created the Priority ONE bug bounty program to award bonuses to hackers who responsibly disclose vulnerabilities in qualifying BNB projects. Security is the top priority for BNB, and this program is the largest of its kind in crypto. The total bug bounty pool available is $10mm per year in BNB.

For BNB projects with a bug bounty program, Priority ONE will offer matching funds to boost the total bounty payout to anyone who discloses a high or critical vulnerability. The more funds available for security researchers who disclose vulnerabilities, the more likely it is that they will disclose them. We believe that Priority ONE will result in a safer BNB ecosystem for all.

If you’re a BNB project, and already have a bug bounty program on Immunefi or host one yourself, you can apply here to be a part of Priority ONE.

Immunefi is the leading bug bounty platform for BNB projects. Immunefi has saved hundreds of millions in user funds and continues to protect users’ funds and data. If you’re interested in creating a bug bounty program to be eligible for Priority One, sign up with Immunefi, and we’ll set up your bug bounty program. Once done, we will apply for Priority One for you. Click here to see projects that are working with Immunefi.

For more information on program eligibility and requirements, see the Priority ONE page here.

Approved Projects

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