Immunefi is the leading bug bounty platform for Web3


Founder and CEO Mitchell Amador launched Immunefi on December 9, 2020, as a bug bounty platform focused on web3 and smart contract security with the goal of making web3 safe for everyone. Immunefi provides bug bounty hosting, consultation, and program management services to blockchain and smart contract projects.

Since its founding, Immunefi has become the leading bug bounty platform for web3 with the world's largest bounties and payouts and now has over 50+ employees around the world. If you're interested in joining the team, please see our careers page.

Bug bounty programs are open invitations to security researchers to discover and responsibly disclose vulnerabilities in projects’ smart contracts and applications, which can save web3 projects hundreds of millions--and even billions--of dollars. For their good work, security researchers receive a reward based on the severity of the vulnerability.

Why have a bug bounty program at all?

In 2022 alone, hacks and scams cost the Web3 community over $4b and bug bounties can prevent those hacks from happening. Bug bounty programs surface vulnerabilities so they can be fixed before they get exploited in malicious hacks that destroy projects and ruin reputations. So far, Immunefi's bug bounty platform has saved $25b from being hacked.