Whitehat Awards

Join the Immunefi Whitehat Awards program and unlock exclusive rewards as you progress through our tiered system.

Celebrate your achievements with digital and physical rewards, and stay tuned as we add new tiers and rewards.

Why Whitehat Awards Matter

NOTE: Whitehat Awards are currently suspended and issued only on a case-by-case basis.

Immunefi and its community of security researchers have played a pivotal role in safeguarding the digital landscape of web3 since 2020. In the process of protecting over 310 projects and over $190B in digital assets, researchers on our platform have collectively earned over $95M for vulnerabilities they discovered and responsibly reported. Based on the most conservative estimates, these whitehats have saved over $25B in assets through their work on Immunefi.

It's evident that the $1.21 trillion global market of at-risk digital assets heavily relies on the continued dedication and vigilance of skilled security researchers. Their efforts not only protect financial assets but also preserve the trust and confidence of individuals and institutions alike, ensuring the continued growth and adoption of the web3 ecosystem.

The Dual Track Awards System

Whitehats can earn awards from both tracks at the same time:

  1. Researcher - as determined by # of paid reports
  2. Bounty Hunter - as determined by total earnings

There's no limit on how many you can earn. Try to collect them all! However, those who already qualify for a tier can only access that tier with a new paid high or critical vulnerability.

Researcher Track


Adept Researcher — 5 paid reports

Introducing the Adept Researcher NFT. Let this exclusive digital collectible show your status as a researcher who has proven your worth on the platform by submitting at least 5 paid reports to projects.


Loyal Researcher — 10 paid reports

Introducing the Holographic Immunefi T-Shirt. This rare shirt is not for sale, and signifies that you are a committed bug hunter, who has submitted at least 10 paid reports to projects.


Seasoned Researcher — 20 paid reports

The Immunefi Luxury Bathrobe. As a Journeyed Researcher with 20 paid reports, you've earned the right to be covered from neck to ankle in the unrivalled softness of this opulent bathrobe. Wear it while hunting for +1 to luck and +5 charisma.

Bounty hunter Track


Bounty Hunter — $25k earnings

Introducing the Bounty Hunter NFT. An exclusive digital card that can only be earned by whitehats who've made their mark by earning $25k accumulatively, or by just one or two reports. The fewer the reports, the bigger the brag.

Perk image for Prodigy Hunter — $50k earnings


Prodigy Hunter — $50k earnings

Official Immunefi Swag Pack. A full matte black hacker kit for stealthily attending your next event or convention. And more importantly, wear it to the afterparty...

Perk image for Elite Hunter — $100k earnings


Elite Hunter — $100k earnings

Exclusive Immunefi Luxury Hoodie. Have you ever seen a $100k hoodie? Join a select group of OGs and the truly skilled whitehats who have earned the right to wear these.

There is more...

Our tiered perks system is thoughtfully structured to encourage security researchers of all levels to go above and beyond. From the Initiate Tier to the prestigious Grandmaster Tier, each level represents a significant milestone in their whitehat journey.

Perk image for Master of the Code — $1M earnings


Master of the Code — $1M earnings

Introducing the Immunefi $1M Plaque. For bragging rights, this is the next closest thing to a giant "$" sign that you can display on your professional mahogany desk or on the wall next to your certifications.

I already qualify for one or more of the tiers. Will I automatically get the perk(s)?

You will be sent the awards automatically if you qualify through a new paid report. (i.e. your previous earnings total or report # does not qualify, but your new report qualifies you).

However, if you have already qualified and want to retroactively gain a perk for any tier, you will need to find an additional high or critical vulnerability valued at $25k or greater to receive it.

If you have any doubts about whether you qualify or can be eligible to receive a perk, please contact Oddly Specivik or ask via our Discord.

Join the Best of the Best

The Immunefi Whitehat Awards program is not just about accolades and physical perks; it's about celebrating the spirit of cybersecurity and the dedication of our whitehat community. By achieving these milestones, you become part of an exclusive club of individuals who've demonstrated their commitment to making the digital world safer.

Are you ready to embark on this extraordinary journey and reach for the highest honors in Web3 security? Start your bug hunting, start earning, and start climbing the tiers. Your Whitehat Awards await!