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Immunefi Crypto Losses Report

Immunefi, the leading bug bounty and security services platform for Web3 which protects over $100 billion in users’ funds, regularly assesses the volume of crypto funds lost by the community due to hacks and scams by year and by quarter:

Lazarus Report

The Immunefi team has assessed the volume of crypto funds lost due to the attacks of the Lazarus Group, a North Korea-affiliated hacker group.

Immunefi Lazarus Group Report

ChatGPT Security Report

The ChatGPT Security Report provides a comprehensive overview of the current level of adoption and main use cases of the technology among the web3 security community, and a description of ChatGPT-generated bug reports.

Home to the largest community of security talent in the crypto space, Immunefi maps:

  • The use, general sentiment, and level of satisfaction towards the technology
  • Security use cases
  • Limitations and challenges when using the technology
  • Level of confidence in ChatGPT vulnerability discovery
  • Frequency of use of the technology
  • Recommendation of the technology
  • Security concerns and main threats the technology poses

Immunefi ChatGPT Security Report 2023

Hacks and Token Prices Report

The Hacks & Token Prices Report provides an overview of the impact of hacks on the prices of protocols’ native tokens.

Hacker Ecosystem Survey

Every year, Immunefi surveys the whitehat community to figure out the top challenges, interests, and motivations at play in the web3 security industry.

Top Crypto Bounty and Ransom Payouts Report

The team at Immunefi has created a comprehensive crypto bug bounty report detailing the most important industry bug bounty payments to date, as well as ransom payments made by projects to malicious hackers to receive back a portion of stolen funds throughout 2022.

Immunefi has also included a high-level analysis of its own paid bug report database as a relevant overview of what the crypto bug bounty ecosystem looks like, as Immunefi is the industry leader and features the largest database.

Top Crypto Ransomware Payments Report

Ransomware attacks use ransomware, which is a form of malware designed to encrypt files on a device or entire network and make them inaccessible. Ransomware groups carry out these attacks and then demand a ransom in return for returning control of those systems.

With the growth of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, ransomware attacks saw a noticeable increase in popularity, as ransomware groups have come to believe that cryptocurrency is anonymous, untraceable, and can facilitate much larger ransom payments than traditional financial systems.

Immunefi has created a comprehensive listing of the top crypto ransomware payments in the industry by reviewing open source data.

Bored Ape Yacht Club Report

The Bored Ape Yacht Collection has succeeded in becoming the most well-known, sought after NFT project. This success has attracted legions of hackers, who have targeted the project itself and Bored Ape holders, in order to steal their NFTs and sell them for profit.

In our report, Immunefi tracks the number of stolen Bored Ape NFTs by reviewing open source data:

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