Fortify your defenses against critical threats with top-tier, curated blockchain security researchers

Run an invite-only audit or bug bounty program powered by a data-driven, security talent matching system that leverages over 30,000 reports, thousands of vulnerabilities, and hundreds of programs to curate the best security researchers for your program.

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Invite-only Programs

Access top-tier blockchain security talent through Immunefi's invite-only programs. We meticulously curate security researchers with the skills, experience, and tech stack knowledge that best matches your program's needs, ensuring impactful engagement on your code.

Immunefi’s invite-only programs can be tailored to meet your program’s privacy and confidentiality requirements. Elevate your confidence in your project’s security with Immunefi today.

Blockchain’s top class Security Researchers hunt on Immunefi

  • 35K Largest blockchain security community
  • 1000+ Researchers who have found bugs to avert mainnet theft of funds
  • $90M Bounties paid
  • 52%+ Report hit rate on impact Focused Bugs
  • $25B Loss prevented
  • $190B User Funds Protected

Why Immunefi’s Invite-Only Program?

  1. Handpicked Security Researchers

    We leverage data from over 30K reports to identify talent that will offer the best fit for your program based on product type, blockchain ecosystem, program type, technology stack, security researcher ranking, hit rate, and more.

  2. Experience that Delivers Results

    Leverage our extensive experience across 400+ bug bounties on design, scope, and incentives that maximize engagement and productivity with security researchers.

  3. Fast-Track to Identifying Critical Bugs

    By design, the invite-only programs ensure security researcher focus on the highest impact findings thus minimizing catastrophic exposure window.

  4. Customizable Privacy & Confidentiality

    Tailor your program to your exact privacy needs, with options including KYC, confidentiality agreements, asset visibility control, and publication preferences.

How are security researchers selected?

We consult with you to develop a criteria for security researcher selection that will best suit the security needs of your audit or bug bounty program. This includes proficiency in a particular coding language or vulnerability discovery success rate in particular types of products, ecosystems or program type.

The finalized criteria is then fed into our matchmaking system that covers data from over 30,000 reports and encompasses thousands of vulnerabilities of different severity across 400+ programs to build a cohort of security researchers best fit for the program.

How does it work?

Scope and Goals

We design and tailor the program using Immunefi's best practices to align with your project's objectives.

Invitations and Engagement

Immunefi selects a group of top-tier security researchers based on predefined criteria to participate in the program and engage with your project.


Get real-time reporting on identified vulnerabilities via our industry-leading triager team comprising of ex-auditors and ex-hackers on-the-fly during the program. Upon completion of the Boost program, your project receives a comprehensive audit report compiled by Immunefi.


Incentivize researchers for their valuable contributions, cultivating a community of highly skilled and relevant security experts dedicated to your project's success.

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