Whitehats hacking your contracts to rescue user funds is scary. Immunefi's Safe Harbor Module helps you do it safely, easily, and responsibly.

Immunefi will provide the only form of secure Safe Harbor for whitehacks on the market.

What is Safe Harbor?

Safe Harbor is a legal framework developed by the Security Alliance (SEAL) for protocols to empower whitehat security researchers to rescue protocol funds during a blackhat attack and redirect those funds back to a protocol-controlled address (potentially for a bounty, at the protocol's discretion).

Immunefi provides a safe, easy, and responsible setup for expanding your bug bounty program to include a Safe Harbor Module, using the Security Alliance's Safe Harbor Agreement on top of our existing bug bounty dashboard and emergency alerting infrastructure.

Why Safe Harbor?

Projects need a way to minimize harm during an active blackhat exploit as fast as possible. With the Safe Harbor Agreement, the whitehat security community can intervene to mitigate blackhat theft.

Whitehats need both legal protections and financial incentives to justify taking the risk to protect your protocol; the Safe Harbor Agreement provides those.

The Safe Harbor Agreement only covers cases of active exploitation by blackhat hackers, and expressly forbids all other hacking activity, so that the risk of using Safe Harbor is minimized.

Immunefi Safe Harbor Module Benefits

  1. Plug and Play

    Safe Harbor Modules use our existing bug report dashboard, allowing projects to leverage the same emergency alert system and security personnel they’re already comfortable with. Setup can be as easy as answering a few questions.
  2. Maximal Awareness

    Does Safe Harbor make a difference if no one ever knows about it? With an Immunefi Safe Harbor Module, the entire security community will be aware and ready to act, should you ever need the help.
  3. Safe and Responsible

    Immunefi has been the leading provider for last-lines-of-defense to onchain protocols under the most demanding conditions. Safe Harbor Modules are a natural extension of Immunefi’s bug bounty programs, already trusted by the security community at large.

Ready to get started?

Let us know if you're interested in hearing more about Immunefi's Safe Harbor Module.