Employee Verification

The purpose of this page is to serve as a resource for verifying that an employee actually works at Immunefi. As Immunefi grows to be one of the most trusted names in the Web3 space, our brand is an increasingly attractive target for impersonators. These impersonators may want you to divulge sensitive personal information or to invest in their scams, which they are attempting to present as legitimate, due to their claimed association with Immunefi.

You have the right to ask for that apparent Immunefi employee’s email address, to send them an email, and to receive an email response indicating their role at Immunefi and when/how they are contacting you.

  • If you are contacted on any platform, for example on Telegram, you should make sure to doublecheck that the person you are speaking with is actually an Immunefi employee. All Immunefi employees have @immunefi.com email addresses (note: be careful for misspellings like @immunefI, @imunefi, @immunefy, etc.)

  • If you see anyone running a separate project who also claims to work for Immunefi on Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram, etc., you have the right to ask for and receive a response via their Immunefi email address, as well. If they decline to respond at all after multiple attempts, be very suspicious. At that point, there is a reasonable chance they are an impersonator and/or scammer

  • If you see any impersonation attempts that you think Immunefi should be aware of, please contact [email protected]

Tips for Verification:

  • On Immunefi’s Discord server, Immunefi employees have the role Immunefi Team, and their usernames are highlighted in purple. Other Immunefi employee roles include: Immunefi Community Lead and Community Manager.