Instant, Time-Bound Security Reviews from the Industry’s Best Security Researchers.

Engage with the largest and most elite community of blockchain security researchers, trusted by 300+ projects, to safeguard your code when you need it the most.

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What is a Boost?

An Immunefi Boost is a time-bound code review by best-in-class security researchers aimed at protecting your code from vulnerabilities when you need it the most.

Boosts help you to harden code post-audit, at testnet or even before launching a mainnet bug bounty. Boosts surface critical reports in real-time as the program runs, enabling you to mitigate vulnerabilities without having to wait for long audits to finish, which effectively maximizes your speed to launch.

Boosts are an ideal way to harden code at critical lifecycle junctures (e.g. mainnet launch or a code update), incentivizing the industry’s top whitehats to secure your project when you need it most.

Blockchain’s top class security researchers hunt on Immunefi

  • 35K Largest blockchain security community
  • 1000+ Researchers who have found bugs to avert mainnet theft of funds
  • $90M Bounties paid
  • 52%+ Report hit rate on impact Focused Bugs
  • $25B Loss prevented
  • $60B User Funds Protected


  1. Get the Industry’s Best-In-Class Security Researchers

    Out of our 35k+ security researchers, we have over 1000+ that have found a critical bug on mainnet. In total, our security researchers have prevented the theft of more than $25B collectively to date.

  2. Launch a Boost in days

    Launch a Boost at unparalleled speed, which minimizes time-to-market and ensures swift vulnerability identification.

  3. Receive Bug Reports in Real-Time + Consolidated Report

    Receive bug reports in real-time, enabling you to address vulnerabilities while the program is running + get a consolidated report of findings to showcase your enhanced security at the end of the program.

  4. Real-Time Triaging By Experts

    Experience the power of instant reports, triaged in real-time. Our team of in-house expert triagers will triage your reports, enabling you to focus on improving your code.

  5. Mainnet Bug Bounty Program Ready

    Post-Boost, you can opt for a mainnet bug bounty program for uninterrupted protection on mainnet.

  6. 20% More Cost Effective Compared to Market

    Up to 20% cheaper than similarly-sized audit contests, but with a much larger and more proficient security researcher community.

Trusted by 300+ Customers


Boosts are designed for every phase of your Development Cycle

Pre Mainnet Launch

Audit Boost

Get top-tier security researcher engagement right after an audit to maximize the best eyes on code and minimize vulnerabilities at launch

Harden code while building a security researcher community around your project to create a seamless path to your mainnet bug bounty launch

At or After Mainnet Launch

Bounty Boost

Stand out from the crowd and maximize attention from the best security researchers on your code when you launch your mainnet bug bounty program

Win back engagement with top security researchers at the point of critical code or bug bounty program updates

Case Study

  • Up to 19x engagement/report volume vs similar sized standard bug bounty programs
  • 28.5% conversion from total reports to valid reports

Get access to the most prolific security researchers in the blockchain universe.

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How do Boosts work?

A Boost is a decentralized, timebound code review, where projects offer a capped rewards pool that is distributed to whitehats at the end of the event based on bug report submissions.

Immunefi works with the project to determine the structure of their program, the reward pool size, the length of the Boost, and then provides expert marketing support and education to launch it to Immunefi’s whitehat army.

Once the Boost concludes, whitehats receive their rewards, and projects receive a full Boost summary report, detailing learnings and findings.

How are whitehat rewards distributed?

Rewards are distributed to whitehats based on the value of their individual bug reports as measured by Immunefi’s grading criteria and weighted against all other submissions.

How do Boosts compare to other similar products on the market?

Immunefi Boosts stand out from the crowd in offering:

  • Most prolific security researchers with a credibility of saving $25 billion from hackers working on your code.
  • Quick launch so that you can speed up your go-to market.
  • Free managed triaging during Boost, powered by leading web3 security experts who are ex-auditors and ex-hackers.
  • Real-time feedback on the vulnerabilities so that you can fix simultaneously.