“Without Immunefi, we would have lost $25,000,000. It's great to know someone has our back.”

Secure your project, sleep well at night, and show you take security seriously. Launch your bug bounty program with Immunefi.

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Get the best eyes on your code

Your only protection against devastating vulnerabilities is expert eyes on code. On Immunefi, you'll have continuous protection from DeFi's top security talent, 24/7.

Secure Bug Dashboard

Get access to Immunefi's secure bug dashboard, where you can view all the bugs that our expert triagers have escalated to your attention.

War room and crisis management

When crisis strikes there's no room for error. Immunefi's War Room Alpha give you access to DeFi's top whitehat hackers and crisis experts when you need it most.

DeFi's bug bounty experts

Immunefi's here to help you navigate every part of the vulnerability disclosure process. We're an expert security resource for you to use as needed.

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