Do you want to hunt for bugs full-time? We’ll help you make that happen.

If you’re a smart contract hacker looking to protect the space, apply for a chance to get 3 months of tuition to hunt for bugs full-time.

Whitehat Scholarship

DeFi is exploding in growth, but there aren’t enough Solidity developers, security researchers, or whitehat hackers to go around. The DeFi ecosystem is being held back from its true potential, and devastating hacks keep obliterating projects almost every week.

We believe that it’s important for the DeFi community to contribute to the public good of upskilling whitehat hacking talent in the smart contract industry.

Since launching Immunefi, we’ve met many highly skilled hackers who want to hunt for bugs full-time as a career, but they often feel like it's too risky of a move to just leave their current jobs and start hunting.

To get hackers bug hunting full-time, we’ve launched the Whitehat Scholarship.

The purpose of this scholarship is to help smart contract hackers who have proven themselves in the space to leave their full-time job and turn bug hunting into a full-time gig.

Based on the applications, Immunefi will select hackers on an ongoing, rolling basis to be recipients of the Whitehat Scholarship. As part of the scholarship, hackers who are selected will receive an award of three months of salary.

Whitehats who receive the Whitehat Scholarship are expected to do three things:

  • Hunt for bugs full-time on the Immunefi platform

  • Spend some amount of time doing community work and creating educational resources, so that other aspiring bug hunters can learn how to hunt for the world's largest bug bounties

  • Submit a minimum of one high-quality bug report per month. Whitehat Scholars who are unable to meet this requirement will be removed from the program

For any bug bounties awarded to these hunters during that time, 20% of the rewards will be pledged to go back into the scholarship treasury, so that we can give other budding whitehats the same opportunity.

To apply, the only thing you need to do is fill out the application form. We’ll review applications as they come in, and the winners of the scholarship will be announced on our blog.

Immunefi takes no cut of any donations to the Whitehat Scholarship and is pleased to administer this program as a public service to the DeFi community.

Scholarship funding is provided by:

  • 30 contributors through Gitcoin grants

  • A $5k contribution from Vesper

  • And our own funds at Immunefi

If you have any questions regarding the scholarship, send us an email at [email protected].