Immunefi Security Core Unit - MakerDAO

With the extensive growth of the DeFi ecosystem, as well as crypto as a whole, comes greater threats. Though a significant increase in both community sizes and funds within the ecosystem indicates a maturing environment, the glitter of success also attracts nefarious individuals and groups seeking to damage the ecosystem in exchange for their own personal gains.

While some aspects of cybersecurity within the space are well-known, primarily software audits, the shift in the ecosystem indicates a need for more proactive as well as reactive measures. With MakerDAO not only being one of the largest ecosystems in the space but also a pioneer in the push for decentralization, it is a prime target for these nefarious people. We wish to prevent, or, at the very least, minimize the negative effects of their intended actions.

The Immunefi Security Core Unit seeks to systematically improve security for builders, end users, and other stakeholders in the Maker Ecosystem by providing both reactive and proactive security services.

MIP Links

MIP39c2-SP24: Adding Immunefi Security Core Unit - IS-001

MIP41c4-SP25: Immunefi Security Core Unit Facilitator Onboarding - IS-001

MIP40c3-SP42: Adding Immunefi Security Core Unit Budget - IS-001

MIP40c3-SP41: Immunefi Security Core Unit MKR Budget - IS-001

Team Members


Name: Travin Keith

Discord: Travin Keith | Immunefi#3586

MakerDAO Forum: @TravinImmunefi

Deputy Facilitator

Name: Joshua Pritikin

Discord: psychonaut#7023

MakerDAO Forum: @psychonaut

Key Third Parties


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